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Zeigler Standing Seam Metal Contractor, LLC History
In 1963, Jay Zeigler, at the age of 17, went to work for William Yohe, tinsmith. Mr. Yohe was from Pine Grove, PA. Jay helped Mr. Yohe install standing seam metal roofs. In 1964 Mr. Yohe had a heart attack. Mr. Yohe then trained Mr. Zeigler in the trade, to become a tinsmith. In 1966 Mr.Yohe retired. Jay Zeigler took over the company and used the name Jay Zeigler, Tinsmith. He moved the company to Rehrersburg, PA that same year. The company did standing seam metal roofing, which was done all by hand, similar to the way it had been done for over a hundred years and also did rain spouting, roof painting, and installed shingle roofs.

In 1990 the company purchased a roll forming machine and seamer. The machines were purchased because the market was turning to pre-painted metal, up to this point in time the company used galvanized metal which came in 50 ft. rolls.
With the use of the roll forming machine the company was able to buy 1000 ft coils of colored metal. At this time our Son-In-Law, John Sep started working for the company. It didn't take long for John to develop a strong interest and expertise in the standing seam business. Then in 1995 we became an exclusive standing seam metal contractor and continued this practice to the present time.

In July of 1995, the editor of Rural Builder Magazine came to Rehrersburg to interview Jay, John and the crew. In September of 1995, the company was on the front cover of the Rural Builder Magazine, with a full editorial page and a five page exposition praising our work ethic and our outstanding finished product.
With John's knowledge and interest in the standing seam metal business, he rose to the position of foreman and works with a very experienced three man crew. The company believes John and the men do the best installation of standing seam in the business.

In 2008, at the age of 62 Jay Zeigler retired from the company. That same year the company was sold to Sharon Zeigler, Jay's wife. Sharon's new company became Zeigler Standing Seam Metal Contractor, LLC. As President, Sharon continues to carry on the good name of the company. With John Sep and his crew doing the installations, the reputation of the company will always be on top.
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